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First important part is registering a domain name.
Selecting a short catchy domain name is super important. Short- because if you get long domain name, then you can’t use long username. Example: twitter do not allow username with more than 15 letters. Building a brand identity is everything in today’s world!
Second important part is Web Hosting.Web-Hosting

You can understand of Web Hosting the easy way as, you are buying web space on which your website is going to be broadcasted from.
Selecting reliable web hosting is important because you want your website to be on cyber-space 24 x 7, right?
Here are a bunch of Web Hosting providing websites:

Different host providers have different price-schemes. It is you who is going to figure out what’s best for you!
Not satisfied with these mentioned web host providers? Then you are only a google-search away from your favorite web hosting providers.

Or, we also have been providing web hosting service for you- the same web hosting where this website itself is hosted.
And we provide double the bandwidth, of the web space you ask us for! which means- If you buy 500 MB web hosting space from us, then we provide 1000 MB bandwidth plus Cpanel.

Do not understand what bandwidth and Cpanel is?
Bandwidth – It is going to decide how fast your website is going to load if it gets opened by many audience at the same time. That means, higher the bandwidth, better you can serve more audience.

Cpanel- Cpanel is short form of control panel. Cpanel is from where you install the scripts – WordPress, Drupal or other dashboard for your website, make custom domain emails, make subdomains and literally everything!
Here’s an overview of C-Panel as a guide


Third important part is Website Platform

There are lots of free hosted platform like blogger.com, tumblr.com, wordpress.com.
Now, if you are the person who’d say, “Na! I am better with free platform, then there is freedom of choice for everyone.

But what we can say from our experience is: Free often comes with a price.

In the current scenario, six out of ten websites in the world are created out of Self Hosted Platform, and there is good reason for it.

WordPress Dashboard are so intuitively easy that ‘even a child can do it’, requires less or literally no coding and can create mind- blowing professional websites with its features like Plugins, Widgets, Menus..

(Plugins are not supported in Free Platform. ie. when we create website by simply creating account in WordPress.com

Here, you have to understand there is a difference creating website by registering Domain,buying CPanel, and installing WordPress in it. and that is what I have said earlier, SELF-HOSTED PLATFORM)

Also, have a 3 min look at me designing in WordPress and how easy it is.

That being said,

  1. You’d better open up your website on niches, which has been explored less.
  2.  You don’t have to be next NewYorkTimes, or Mashable covering everything. You’d better be specific subject focused, which you know a lot, are passionate about and keep writing even when the money do not keep pouring in.
    Curious how the money factor adds to all this?
    Then , you’d want to look at this post-
    How do I make money from my blog or website?
  3.  If content writing is not your cup of tea and you are a good developer, then you can put nicely developed software or apps in your website and properly build your brand.
    Do not get what we mean? Then take a good look at – picasion.com
    All they did was, properly develop a GIF generating algorithm from montage of photos and made a good brand around it!
  4. One good post is better than ten mediocre posts. Properly bake and cook your posts before you hit that ‘Publish’ button because building credibility and winning audience attention in today’s web is not a joke!
    Here’s what we have to say on this:
    Are these things killing your Web-Brand quietly?
     while at the same time,
    are you working too much to work forward or backward?
    Doesn’t that make sense?
    Here’s how most bloggers make mistake
  5.  And one last but not the least advice, which we learned after some ditches in first few years is:
    Collaborate online, make a good team of your working partners. One reason why Mashable, WikiHow and others are so successful is: there is not one person operating behind their websites. They got a team.
    Want to know in depth why we are saying so?
    Then these posts are definitely worth the read!
    One Man Army V/s Team Army Blogger Strategy
    Online Accounts- Should you go for team account

And always believe in you and your team. Stop the doubt that you can’t build another web- brand. Audience are always on the hunt for meaningful, useful and fresh contents. If you can deliver, then you are no longer far from building your brand in cyber-space.

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